Late night reading – 2

So life with a new baby means I frequently find myself with random five minute slots of time (like when Oscar has just fallen asleep and I am unable to move my left arm or whilst waiting for his bottles to sterilise) that I like to fill by reading random articles and clicking on fun sounding links on the internet.

I posted Late Night Reading #1 a little while back, and #2 has taken a little longer for me to get round to typing up than I initially intended, but here it finally is in all it’s randomness!

  • With a new baby in tow we didn’t really get round to playing very many board games this holiday, although I remember frequently playing games like Scrabble and Monopoly on Sunday afternoons with my family as a child.  There was one time I remember my younger brother throwing the Monopoly board across the table – money flying up in the air and landing everywhere – as he was losing the game at that point.  He’s grown up somewhat since that day and I’d like to think that he wouldn’t repeat his actions should he lose as a twenty-nine year old(!)  However, if you have a sore loser in your family, there is now a Monopoly Helpline at hand to help clarify the rules for any family disputes!
  • I’ve been trying to make extra portions of meals to place in the freezer every time I’ve cooked over the past few months.  Especially meals which include lots of vegetables.  I find I often end up throwing out the end of boxes of mushrooms or the final pepper in a three pack.  It works out much more economical to buy larger packs, and I save so much time by peeling and slicing the produce all in one go.  If you’re new to freezing food or want to give it a go, the Mini Millionaire has put together a great guide here.
  • An American article, but a problem that the British fashion industry is just as guilty of – varied clothes sizes.  One woman posted photos of her wearing several pairs of trousers in her wardrobe ranging in size from 5 – 12 (American sizes).  All pairs fit her fine, but what message is that sending out to young females that the size they’re used to wearing has become too small?
  • If you sign in to Sisu with either Strava or Runkeeper, you can make an art print of your personal running or cycling activity routes.
    Sisu - Strave runs as artMy routes over Christmas don’t look particularly exciting.  I’d probably need to spend more time creating activities like in my next link before purchasing a print.
  • The 10 best strava pieces of artwork – I’m pretty sure I couldn’t even draw a turkey as clearly as that with a pen and a piece of paper!Strava turkey
  • I’ve enjoyed dipping in and out of Tess’ If Destroyed Still True blog over the past couple of weeks.  Tess has kept a diary since turning thirteen, which she has now begun to type up and share with the world.  I kept diaries on and off as a child and teenager and have found it mortifying looking back fifteen years later to see just who I fancied or what my priorities of the day were back then.  I wouldn’t dream of sharing teenager-Mary’s diary with anyone, and I definitely wouldn’t have the balls to post it online for all to see!  Thanks for doing what I wouldn’t Tess!  😉

Did you keep diaries as a child?
Ever tried any Strava art?
Sore loser?  Or do you always win at board games?!

8 thoughts on “Late night reading – 2

  1. I love board games. I quite like Risk but I did play a good one at a New Year’s Eve party where you had to provide three responses to an easy question and you had like 5 seconds to do it (like name a country ending in A) and if you failed it went on to the next person but they couldn’t use any of your answers. Very stressful but very fun.
    The Strava thing looks cool too. I wondered how people had done it!
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