A craft fair and a long run adventure

I started off Saturday morning with a beautiful bowl of fruit. A kiwi, five strawberries, a pear and some grapefruit.


Went down perfectly with a big dollop of vanilla yogurt on the side!


I was still pretty full from our meal out the night before. Dan had requested that we headed out for a Chinese to celebrate our seven year dating anniversary on Friday night. I had satay chicken to start and then bamboo shoots and water chestnuts with some of Dan’s egg fried rice for mains. Normally I like to have a starter followed by dessert when we go out. I like to finish on something sweet but when we go for a Chinese I’m not really bothered as I know all of their desserts are purely items straight from a freezer packet.


Dan bought me some beautiful flowers and we enjoyed a few chocolates and a glass of rosé when we got home.


I was working on Saturday, helping with the school craft fair in Northampton. I thought I would only be there a couple of hours but in actual fact I ended up getting there for before 9am and didn’t leave until gone 3, then I ended up stopping off at our Race Director’s house as he couldn’t download a race .gpx file onto his Garmin so I offered to give him a hand.
The craft fair really wore me out! It ended up being really busy… We took £200 on the tombola alone! I think I was so worn out from my attempts at greeting everybody in a really bubbly manner and placing a constant smile on my face!


There were some fab stalls. I loved these knitted hats…


And this wine holder policeman that had been donated to the tombola.


After I sorted out the Race Director’s Garmin I headed out for a four mile easy run. Despite feeling so tired in myself, my body still felt good but as I had planned a long trail run with a friend for Sunday morning I kept the run easy.

This morning my alarm went at what would have been 5:30am but due to the clock change was 6:30 instead! I can’t winge though as I will be appreciating the light nights and extra opportunities to run trail runs over the coming weeks! Laura wants to run the Go Beyond Shires and Spires 35 in June this year and was hoping to learn the course before the race itself. This morning, armed with map and Lucozade we met at the finish, where we left Laura’s car and then drove in my car to checkpoint four of the course. (13 miles from the finish) Here we got out, left my car and headed back towards Laura’s. I was surprised at how much of the course I could remember and I’m pretty confident that I would be able to run the route mapless during the actual race in June. We took it pretty easy, walking up the steep hills like true ultrarunners! At one point a herd of fifty or so sheep chased us across a field leaving us both pretty uneasy and racing to get to the stile at the other end of the field first! The downside to running trail!
It’s been quite a busy weekend so far and I’m back at my parents’ to sort out my old bedroom tonight. It could take a while… Wish me luck!
Do you always run up every hill on a long run?

I love craft and cake

On Sunday I headed to The NEC with Dan’s Mum for the craft trade show.
She makes some fantastic cakes and has offered to make our wedding cake for August. Here’s just a couple of her previous cake endeavours…

bdCake ChristeningCake

As well as looking at stock ideas for Dan’s Mum, one of Sundays aims was to get inspiration for our wedding cake… We’re still not really sure what we’re after. Well, I have an idea but Dan keeps saying “We’ll sort it later!”…Helpful! I want rusticy looking without fondant icing. Perhaps something that looks a little like this?…

Sunflower wedding cake


There were some very cool cakes on display, such as this lion cake to demonstrate air brushing…


There was also a beautiful Christening cake which had taken sixteen hours to decorate and looked amazing.  We watched the lady that had made the Christening cake give a cake decorating demonstration which was very interesting.
As the show was essentially a trade show we couldn’t purchase anything on the day but instead were given a lot of freebies!  Possibly the best type of show there is!
This included the following magazines…


…and all of the freebies that came with them…wool, needles, crochet hooks, stamps, a DVD, a tape measure, fabric sayings and lots more!
I was also given a fantastic stamp set produced by Mason Row.


The stamp set came with six different designs and six different circle patterns for the outside.  With the free sample we could choose up to three letters of our choice.  I tested it out with AHM.



I was really impressed with how clear the outside pattern was.


I love how you slotted the letters into grills in the back of the stamp to keep them in place – meaning you could arrange them how you wanted yourself.

I also spotted a stand appealing for craft bloggers at the show. Blogging is taking over the world!

I returned home again to find this package waiting for me.Bridal pamper kit

A couple of weeks back I visited a bridal show in Kettering with my friends Vick and Alex whilst I was getting ideas for suits.  I had a horrific headache but was still insistent that I was going to chat to every exhibitor and get them to sign my sheet so that I could be entered for the Bridal Pamper prize draw.  My reasoning was that people would get fed up halfway round and not bother to get them all signed.  Vick thought this was a great idea and started out with as much gusto as me, only to give up after three of four stands and proving my point.  Despite barely being able to see straight by the end as my headache was so bad I ploughed on and was really excited when I got an email on Wednesday informing me that I had won the Bridal pamper package!

Bridal pamper kit

I won two bottles of wine, two candles, two DVDs, some hot chocolate and marshmallow mix and a shower gel kit.  I’ve been really lucky with wins the past six months.  I never used to win anything when I was a kid!

Anyone else had any exciting wins lately?  Competitions are worth entering!

NEC Craft show and a new arrival

On Saturday I travelled with my friend Zo and her sister Katie to the NEC Craft show.

It has been something we have done all together for the past four years now, with Zo and Katie going for the past seven years.

I always forget how tiring it is by the end, from being on your feet all day and constantly leaping from side to side to dodge prams and mobility scooters rushing past you, and all the queues!

We always start off in the Crafts for Christmas section, so that we can get ideas for things we can make.  This is where we spotted this amazing snow!

It’s actually by a company called ‘It’s Amazing!’ which I thought was great!  The guy behind the stall put some in my hand and ‘It’s Amazing!’ were the first words out of my mouth!  Exactly the same words as the next two people after me to see it demoed!

Next it was onto the Hobbycraft side.  We get as far as the painting aisles, before stopping to recharge with lunch ready for the manic side of the exhibition!

There wasn’t anything I really needed this year, although I planned on grabbing some wool to complete the Noah’s Ark animals I’m working on for the nieces and nephew for Christmas.  I was mainly planning on using the exhibition as inspiration for Wedding invitations and thank-yous, although being so close to Christmas, lots of the ideas focused around the Christmas theme.


Some of the cards are so pretty.  If only I didn’t have to work and could just spend all my time running and crafting, I would be one very happy person!

Dan had left for a lad’s weekend to celebrate a friend’s birthday by the time I got home, so I was left with one very mad cat and feeling rather lazy after trapsing around the NEC all day.Crazy BellaSo I decided to have a film session, whilst getting a bit more knitting done and eating tea.  I got through the films ’21’ and ‘The Parole Officer’.  Both seen several times before and both great films!

IMG_8470 IMG_8471

My ‘Noah’ is nearly complete now – with boots and an apron…I just need to finish his Rainjacket and knit him a face!

Luckily Bella decided to calm down and sleep on top of the sofa with me for the evening.

On Wednesday I became ‘Auntie Mary’ again, as Dan’s sister had another baby.  Her name is Isla and she was born at 2:13am weighing 7lbs, 14oz.  Sarah (Dan’s sister) was expecting her to be a few weeks late, like her first one was.  Her due date had only been a couple of days before and so the whole family headed out to watch the firework display on Tuesday evening, only for Sarah’s waters to break!  Luckily all was well, and although she didn’t make it to her planned delivery hospital she had a quick birth and Mum and baby are fine.

Jenson kissing IslaBig brother Jenson hasn’t been so sure though, and has been avoiding Sarah and Isla, not sure what to make of it all!  Sarah did capture this sneaky kiss on camera though!

Fun mail

Yesterday wan’t all depressing…I got two fun items in the mail…and I think a third of my unrun Oakley 20 hoodie is waiting for me at the post office!

Item # 1:


I put together a photo book using Blurb for my friend Amy whose wedding I went to a fortnight ago.  I wanted to do something nice for her and I didn’t know how long it would be until she got her official photographs back from the photographer so thought this would be a nice suprise for her in the mail.  I was hoping it would have returned by the time she got back from her honeymoon, but not quite unfortunately.

Item #2:


My Milton Keynes marathon number!  Eek!  Just 17 days to go now!  Almost there.  I’m in the Green start pen.  Is there anybody else running in Green?  I can’t remember what I put down as my expected finish time…Probably 4:45 ish…

I could have my strawberry crunch mix with my breakfast again after visiting Tescos last night.  Here is my nice early breakfast of strawberry crunch mix, the remaining pineapple chunks, remaining raspberries and some yoghurt in my bowl.  I added lots of the pineapple juice and raspberry juice to my bowl so that it wasn’t too dry.  Perfect!

IMG_7123Hopefully it’s set me up for a good day today…