A trip to A&E

On Sunday as I was back visiting my parents I decided to run the four miles to my old primary school and head around the old cross-country course that we used to have to run each year from the age of nine.  The course used to head out from the school, along a footpath, past some farms, through a few fields and back to the school again along a footpath that ran alongside one edge of the school field. The younger children were allowed out to cheer us on along this fence. I used to hate it at the time. I loved sport – I was on the hockey team when I first began at the school, and quickly became one of the ‘netball girls’. However, running was not my thing! I was always puffing and panting at the back with the back marker teacher and two other girls!


There is some beautiful scenery along the route which I never appreciated at the time and I wish I could go back and tell my nine-year-old self how fun running could actually be!

I managed to test out a Maxifuel Summerberries gel on route at about 7 miles into the three hour run and surprised myself at how much I liked it.  I don’t usually like anything too sweet whilst I’m running.  I struggle to crave foods at all normally, but definitely nothing sweet, although this gel went down quite easily.

Mum then filled me up with a Sunday dinner when I got back – roast chicken, followed by a pear tart and cream.  Preparing myself for the hour run I had to complete that evening when I returned home!


When I returned home I discovered that Dan had hurt his leg whilst playing football for his team earlier in the day and had struggled to do anything much other than lie on the couch since! I checked on him quickly before heading out with my friend Jenny to run for an hour with the last 30mins at marathon pace.


Dan was still in a lot of pain the following morning and hadn’t slept much through the night so we booked him in at the doctor’s for 9am and they sent us through to A&E with a suspected fracture.

He was assessed pretty quickly, sent through to X-ray and then we had a long wait whilst we were waiting for his x-rays to be looked over. We had probably been out of the house for nearly four hours by the time the nurse called him into the room to inform him what had happened. I was then waiting for nearly a further half an hour whilst he had a temporary cast placed on his lower leg.


He was wearing a pair of expensive jeans that his Mum had bought for his birthday at the end of August and the nurse had said that the cast would not be able to fit underneath the jeans as they were too close to the skin.  For a moment Dan had a panic that they would end up having to cut through his jeans, but luckily a nurse managed to find a spare set of nurse scrubs for him to model instead so he quickly changed into those!

Dan had broken a bone near his ankle resulting in the nurse having to restrict movement in the leg to allow it time to heal.  Next Monday we have to head back to the fracture clinic in order that they can take the temporary cast off and replace it with a more permanent one.  We should know more then, but it looks as though Dan will be off work for several weeks, as he cannot drive and needs to keep his foot elevated.

We headed down the slope by our house into town (about a 5min walk) for lunch yesterday so that Dan could practice using his crutches.  He could get about 15-16 ‘hops’ along before he had to take a breather and the sweat was literally pouring off him by the time we arrived for lunch!


He’s already bored at home.  Luckily, working in ICT he can complete most of his work from home, but it’s still going to be a very long few months!

What a morning!


I was so disorientated this morning.  I woke up about an hour later than normal (6:30ish) so as not to sit thinking about the hungry noises my stomach was making from lack of food and headed through to the bathroom to go to the toilet.  In a daze I went to pick up my glasses but my vision was all blurry when I put them on so I removed them and scrubbed them down with the underneath of my dressing gown.  When I placed them back on my vision was still all blurry so I gave them another scrub.  Still blurry.  Confused, I headed back to the bedroom to see if Dan would clean them for me whilst I put my contacts in.  I couldn’t understand how they could have gotten so blurry that I could barely see through them!  I opened my contact pot and fished around for my left contact with my index finger.  It was missing.  Cue panic!…Cue realisation that I actually fell asleep with my contacts still in my eyes last night!  Oops!  I’ve fallen asleep several times in my contacts before, but always been aware of doing so.  Last night I just literally forgot to take them out before bed!

This morning I had to drive into work rather than grab a lift with Dan as I had to go to the doctors to have a blood test done at 8:10am.

I pre-packed my breakfast, desperately wanting to lick the knife of peanut butter after spreading it on my bagel.  I packed up a little chunk of cheese as well for a treat as I hadn’t been able to eat since 10pm last night.


Both parts of my breakfast were wrapped up in tin foil and I headed out to the doctors.  I was let in relatively quickly and let the nurse know that I has prone to collapsing at times.  She was very gruff with me and barked that I should have mentioned beforehand because she only had 5 minutes between patients and if I started to feel unwell it wouldn’t give her enough time to finish before the next patient was due in.  She directed me to the bed rather than the chair and I lay down.  After FIVE attempts at pulling blood from my arm she thrust my blood request form at me and told me that she couldn’t do it and that I would have to take it to the nearest medical centre (about a 15 min drive away) where they had more time and better needles!  I fled out to my car and burst into tears.  I was really hungry by this point, pretty tired and knew that I would now be late for school and put pressure onto the cover staff to cover my lesson.  (It was my last lesson before the carousel change with a lovely year 9 class)  I was angry that I had been given up on as well.

When I arrived at the medical centre I pulled a raffle ticket from the machine, waited about 5 mins for a slot and was in and out within a matter of 4 minutes!  Such an easier service.  I know we get our health care for free in the UK but I still think there’s much to be improved upon!  I’ve had several similar experiences at this doctors.  How easy is it to change your surgery does anyone know?…

I ate my cheese and bagel in the medical centre car park when I returned to my car and with all the stress of the morning I ate my salad sandwich at breaktime.  It was a lettuce, cheese and green pepper one today!  I think I prefer the red and orange peppers but this was still heaven in a sandwich!  I did manage to keep my apple for my snack in the afternoon but I really couldn’t concentrate at work today and felt pretty sleepy all day.


Peripheral Vascular Disease

Apparently I have this!


I went to the doctors this afternoon and sat in the waiting room for two hours!  I was not very happy or filled with conversation by this point.  The doctors have changed my appointment numerous times over the past few weeks and I have actually been trying to get an appointment now for six weeks to see the doctor!  I ended up leaving work early so that I could get to my appointment for 4:30 and finally be seen, but I didn’t leave until 6:40pm!I could have left work on time!

I told the doctor about the recent numbness in my left hand and about three of my fingers turning completely purpley/blue a couple of weeks ago.  He took my blood pressure and checked my heart, made me do a few things with my hands and felt my feet.  (Should have worn non-holey socks!  Whoops!)  He thinks that I have something called Peripheral Vascular Disease which would basically mean unless it gets severe (in which case there are tablets I can take to help) I need to ensure I wear gloves a lot of the time!  I have to go back on Thursday morning for a blood test though.  The doctor has marked me down for abobut 8 different tests, basically to check to see if my cholesterol is too high as this can put added pressure on my veins. I don’t think it should be.  I feel I eat reasonably healthy and exercise six or more times a week, often running more than 35 miles in a week.  I did ask if it would affect my running/upcoming long races but he seemed to think not.  Rather that I should just wear gloves (Although I know this will make my hands way too hot so will actually be impossible to do).

Anyway, I was rather annoyed about the long wait.  By the time I got home it was nearly 7pm and I had planned on being home no later than 5, much earlier than I would normally return home from work, and having time to catch up with some housework.

So what did I do for tea?…In my sulk and growing hunger…The unhealthy option of two sausages in a baguette with ketchup!


Lunch had been reasonably healthy though…I had an apple at breaktime…


And a salad of lettuce, half an orange pepper, one carrot, some grapes, a tomato and a block of cheddar cheese with some houmous.  (Although I ate rather too much houmous and felt rather full by the end of school!)


And at lunchtime, sat in the upstairs staffroom, this cake went round…this gooey, chocolately fudge cake which I couldn’t resist.  It was very nice but now that I’ve tried it I felt no need to have any more on another day this week (that’s if other people were able to resist it!)


THAT’S how much water I drink!

One of these…


And five of these…


Do you like my little tally going on in on the napkin?!  I ended up having two glasses before work, one after work before I left for running club, and two after my run. I would say that that was a pretty much average day.  Using a conversion website I worked out that I drank about 2.15 litres of water throughout the whole day yesterday, which is just over the daily recommended amount of 1.2 litres suggested on the NHS website.  I did go for an hours tough run in the evening though which would have increased my need for fluid intake.  It was quite interesting to see how much I drank over the course of the day.  I’d like to keep a tally next time I’m back at my Mum’s too, as I know I drink so much more when I am at hers.  This was all part of the Healthy sELF challenge over at Nutritionella.com.  I’m enjoying the challenges so far.  They pop up as part of my day every Monday, Thursday and Saturday.  I am already thinking through my options for Saturday’s ‘Try a new workout’ challenge.


Driving home last night we drove into a rain storm.  I love it when you can see where it’s raining in the sky ahead of you, but it’s a nice day where you are.  This picture kinda doesn’t show it as well as actually being there, but you can still see up ahead where the rain is coming down hard!  Eventually we did drive into it and had the windscreen wipers on full blast to be able to see to get home.

I was looking forward to Running club last night.  Despite having had some awful runs this past week and still not knowing fully what has caused them, I had a non-bloated belly (always good before a run of any distance!) and our old coach Andy had returned on Tuesday who I know would push me, without making the session impossible for me to complete.

Andy ran with group 5 last night and we had Heather again, who announced that we wouldn’t be running quite as far as normal, or as fast as normal tonight.  Lots of people are tapering for London or various other marathons at the moment and several other groups had planned to do something similar.  She told us the route and we headed off.  However, because of tapering and various injuries, lots of the slower members of group 4 had moved into group 5 for the evening, and the same had happened with group 3 moving into our group.  The pace was not ‘slow and steady’ and at one point my watch clocked that we were running at 8:15 pace.  My 5k pace is only 8:39!!!

I really, really struggled.  Heather ran with me for a little while and tried to get me to concentrate on my breathing, but my breathing was fine.  It was my legs that wouldn’t keep up with the quicker pace.  I’d set out too fast to try and keep up with everybody which then meant that I had nothing left to continue.  Normally at major roads or after each mile lead runners turn back and ‘pick up’ the runners at the back so that nobody gets too far left behind, but tonight that didn’t happen and instead, they just stopped and waited for me to catch up before zooming off again.  Not only did this mean that I felt awful for holding everybody up but it also meant that they started running again as soon as I reached them; they had mini rest breaks whilst running…I never did!  After a couple of miles I really could no longer keep up and had several walking breaks.  Two of the lovely guys in my group took it in turns to run at the back with me where they held my pace and chatted along to me whilst I was running.  Turns out they were still achy after our Tuesday sprint session too.  That was a killer!  Looking at my stats now, the fastest pace of each mile last night was 7:26, 8:30, 7:49, 8:12, 7:38, 7:23.  This should have been a steady 9mm on a Thursday night with Group 4.  I was annoyed at myself for taking walk breaks but I truely could not keep up.

After stretching out with the group I grabbed my keys and got into the car.  I really just wanted to cry.  I’ve worked really hard on my running this year and I so don’t want to end up falling backwards after my marathon again.  :(

I had to go to Tescos to grab some shopping on the way home.  When I got inside though I realised that the edges of my vision had gone fuzzy and blurry – the way they do when you are about to pass out.  I didn’t think I was going to pass out as I didn’t have the ‘swimming pool hearing’ I tend to get beforehand, but it worried me that I couldn’t read the backs of packs in the Supermarket because of how speckled the edges of my vision had turned.  I have a doctors appointment on Monday.  I have actually been trying to get one for about 6 weeks now and I either can’t get one that fits around work or they move my appointment.  I shall bring up my latest fuzzy spell then.  The feeling didn’t actually go away until I went to bed three hours later, which was quite a long while to not be completely ‘right’ for.  I guess it was brought on from pushing too hard during the run?…

When I got back, I had already rung Dan to pre-warn him of how I was feeling.  He rushed out the car and collected all of the shopping for me and then made us some delicious British pancakes for tea.

IMG_7121 IMG_7120

I had three thin pancakes with a big heapful of raspberries in the middle.  They raspberries were quite sour so I did sprinkle a little caster sugar on my last pancake just to sweeten it up a little before bed.  I’m driving in to work on Friday rather than grabbing a lift so the plan is to go for a run after work and then we are going out for a meal with our friends Vick and Alex when Dan gets home from work.  I really hope my run is more successful…