The end of Easter

So today Dan has headed back to work and tomorrow it’ll be my turn.

To be fair, this holiday has felt like it’s lasted quite a long while, but I’m still not ready to go back!  I had the first week off on my own but Dan had last week off as well.  Is it just me, or is it much harder to get anything done when your boyfriend/husband has time off too?!  I feel like I’m behind on housework, schoolwork, blogging, marking, running and everything else I normally fit into each day!

Yesterday I got up early and met with two others from running club to run the Stanwick 10k course before the race began.  None of us were entered for the race itself (a sell out every year!) and I’d never run the race, despite it being within walking distance of my house.  I did go down and spectate last year though and cheer the club runners on.

Karen and Laura are much quicker runners than me, with 10k PBs of Sub 50minutes (mine stands at 58:35).  I was rather worried about slowing them down but they assured me that they were just after a casual social chatty run…Well it might have been casual and chatty for them!  Running Sub 9:30mm pace was easy to begin with, but then we hit several hills that took quite a lot out of me!  I’d started off chatty but it soon turned to grunts in response to questions!

Stanwick 10kWe got round though, and the guys running the chip system who had been setting up the start/finish line as we began cheekily told us that we were too slow and had taken over an hour!

After this Laura and Karen picked up some bacon rolls, we all grabbed a drink from the pub and set up by the finishing corner to see our club runners start/finish the race.

We had quite a turnout!

stanwick 10k runnersAnd just as many local runners from our club turned up to support which was great.

The juniors ran a speedy 2k, with W&DAC taking second place.  I love watching the kids race.  They move so quickly and are so enthusiastic.  I watched the boy who came second come running up to his coach (stood near me) after the race and excitedly give him a race breakdown and inform him that he had taken second place.  One poor girl was crying with her arm across her front, clearly with a stitch.  Our supporters made so much noise and encouraged her through the final 100m to finish where she beamed as she received her medal.

The club took first place for the 10k race as well.  Stuart took third place two years ago, second place last year and this year was finally his year, where he finished first in 33:32.  How is it even possible to run that fast?!  He had a 100m lead on the guy in second at halfway and had taken more than a minute’s lead by the finish!

After I’d seen the last runner in I headed home to enjoy some more of my Chokablok Easter egg from Dan and make myself a quick Jacket potato with cheese and beans.

After the football (Dan was very happy with the Wolves result!)  we rushed off to catch an afternoon showing of The Amazing Spiderman 2.  It was OK.  Quite cheesy in places and I think I prefer the first take on the Spiderman story with Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire.  Dan and I both agreed on a 5/10 rating.

I feel like I’ve been all out of routine over the past few weeks so it was odd to see Dan ironing shirts after dinner last night.  Although I’ve obviously still been running, my meals have been different due to Dan being home and feeding both of us for two meals daily.  I’m looking forward to getting a bit more variety back in my diet again.

Did you find it tough heading back to work and normality this week?



MacMillan fundraising and Christmas

For Christmas last year my brother, Mark bought Dan and I the first Season of Dexter.  Buying the first season of a series each Christmas for us has become a bit of a tradition.  It all started with How I Met Your Mother and then along came Supernatural and Dexter.

Dan and I like our box sets.  In the past becoming addicted to Glee, Heroes, Flash Forward, Homeland…

Dexter is firm favourite at the moment though, and we have just finished Season four.  What an ending! Seasons five and six are on rush order from Amazon to continue our Dexter-fest!

Dexter fact: Jennifer Carpenter (Deb, from Dexter) is a runner too and ran the New York marathon in 3h34m!

Iwpid-IMAG1255.jpg‘m someone that can never seem to do just one thing at a time though and have been knitting away at these little creatures over the past few weeks of Dexter-watching to create a Noah’s Ark for Dan’s nieces and nephew.  His sister has an eighteen-month old, Jenson and is expecting again; a girl this time, due at the start of November.  Her partner already has a five year old, Evie and I wanted to make the three of them something for Christmas from Dan and I.  I taught myself to knit when Jenson was due and sent over a bundle of toys for his birth.  Dan wanted to join in the fun though, so when I found the Noah’s Knits book at my local craft store he offered to build a mini-ark out of wood for the animals to reside in ready to be given to the kids at Christmas.  I’m having lots of fun making them, although I keep flitting from one animal to another.  So far I have completed two crocodiles, a penguin and a tortoise.  But, unpictured I also have an elephant missing one leg, a goat without a face, a headless tortoise, two lions and a zebra yet to be put together!

To see all of the animals as they will eventually be, take a look at this fantastic Noah’s Knits video!  Love this, whoever put it together.

wpid-IMAG1257.jpgI made a batch of chocolate chip buns, with white chocolate icing and silver sprinkles yesterday as a ‘taste test’ for the weekend.

This coming weekend I am holding a cake stall in Holt (North Norfolk) town centre to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Care.  If you are in the area, please pop by and say ‘Hi!’

I sent an Event invite out to everyone I knew on Facebook last weekend to ask for cake donations and invite them to buy cakes on the day and have been overwhelmed with the help people have offered since!  I had messages from people I haven’t seen since University and several people I run with have offered to bake for me on Friday for me to collect and take back to Norfolk when I head that way.  Friends from Norfolk have offered to help set up and man the stall and I genuinely felt so touched by how much people cared to fit my cake sale into their busy lives.

Dress fitting and a night with the bridesmaids

On Saturday morning, after an easy 30 minute run in the dark I headed back to Norfolk.  I was booked in for my first lot of measurements to be taken for my wedding dress and to pay the deposit and for the dress to be officially ordered!

Nadine’s Bridal Boutique in Dereham have been absolutely fantastic in helping me choose my dress.  They were the perfect mix of letting me decide what I was after and helping me to choose what suited my shape.  Incredibly professional but very down to earth at the same time.  I’m very glad that they were recommended to my Mum.

Whilst taking my measurements I discovered that for my wedding dress I was a size 14 for my boobs, a size 16 for my hips and a size 18 for my waist?! I’ve never been a size 18 before and always felt that I had an hourglass figure, not one that gave me a pot-belly effect!  The dress I tried on in the store was a 14 and fitted me well though, so that is what we went ahead and ordered despite what the tape measure said!  I am usually a size 12, although own a few 10s and also a few 14s.  Clothes sizes vary so much from shop to shop.10124_178479359044_784174044_3818517_6456094_n

I had a bad experience in 2009 when out trying on bridesmaid dresses for my best friend Hollie’s wedding.  One of the shops we went into only seemed to stock size 8 or smaller dresses.  When I was handed a dress to try on and didn’t get changed immediately the woman asked ‘What IS the problem?’ in a sharp tone.  When I explained to her that no part of me would fit into a size eight, I wouldn’t even be able to get my leg into the thing she replied ‘Well don’t worry, the wedding isn’t until October, you’ve got months to lose all of your excess fat before the wedding!’  We left the shop and I did not enjoy the hunting down of the perfect bridesmaid dress as much as I should have and vowed not to put my bridesmaids through the same situation!

bridesmaidsDressesDan and I both loved the Two Birds bridesmaid dresses, (although not the cost of them!) so are having similar ones made for my four bridesmaids.  I love that the dresses can be wrapped in one of fifteen different ways.  Each one of my bridemaids is a completely different shape and height, so they will be able to wrap their dresses to suit them for the day.

After ordering my wedding dress with my Mum I drove up to Norwich to meet with three of my four bridesmaids and a friend to see About Time.  LOVE this film.  A great British comedy feel-good film just as Richard Curtis always seems to dream up!  Although I liked Love Actually, I felt there was too much going on at times.  About Time had the balance just right, and I came out of the cinema wishing that it rains and that there are gail force winds for my wedding and that I could live as happily as the couple in the film appeared to.


Oh, I also cried a lot.  I cry at many films, but even friends that never cry choked up a little towards the end of the film.

We then made our own pizzas…


Made silly faces…


And tried to train Amanda’s new Golden Retriever puppy Barley Bell to ‘roll-over’.wpid-IMAG1215.jpg

(He didn’t get it!)  But all in all, a nice day of playing catch-up with my friends.  :)

Man of Steel

Tea on Friday night was again a red pesto sandwich. I had no lettuce left, so this time it went along with cheese, onion and a tomato. I also grabbed a handful of grapes whilst waiting for Dan to get ready to go to the cinema.

We went to go and see Man Of Steel afterwards which was epic! I LOVE going to the cinema and Friday night was no exception. (I might have snuck a few of Dan’s Pic ‘n’ Mix into my mouth during the film!)  Odeon turned the volume up really loud, which I think should be a requirement every time you’re in a packed out cinema. There’s nothing I hate more than being able to hear the kids behind you talking the whole way through a film. The film was different to some of the original storyline of Superman and in my opinion the final fighting scenes lasted longer than they needed to. Other than that though I wad gripped to the story throughout!  Although it is a Christopher Nolan film it wasn’t as dark as a lot of his films are.  I’m a massive fan of Memento, Inception, The Dark Knight and Batman Begins.

Breakfast on Saturday morning and I thought I’d get a bit creative…I poured quarter of a large pot of vanilla yoghurt into the remainder of half a watermelon and had a yummy alternative breakfast.  It seemed like a good idea at the time but Dan pointed out how much concentration I had on my face whilst eating it!