My love for quirky

When I think ‘yoga‘, the first words that come to mind are beautiful, tranquil, calming and quiet.  I couldn’t imagine anyone practising yoga in the middle of a built up busy city.  (Yet people do!  The busyness of city life is probably what gives people the need for yoga in their lives!)

In this month’s OM Yoga magazine the beautiful pictures of Yoga Sp8ce in Surrey really caught my eye.  If yoga was meant to be practised anywhere it would be here, in their eco pod studio set in beautiful rural woodlands.
OM Yoga magazine

There is space for 30 students (with their mats!) within the pod overlooking a tranquil lake.  It does sound incredibly calming.OM Yoga magazineAlthough I’ve always been an adventure kind of girl, now that I’m getting older (In my thirtiesboo hoo!) I like to find somewhere to unwind just as much as I like fast paced activities.  I think Dan and I hit the balance perfectly on our honeymoon, alternating days of relaxing at the beach and going on day trips to places like Vesuvius and Pompeii.  My life always seems to be rushed through at 100mph (shame my running isn’t that fast!) so it is nice to take a breather when I get a spare second and get outside (or at least overlook the beautiful countryside).

I love little quirky places to visit and stay and how cool is it that Yoga Sp8ce has a grass roof?!  As pointed out in OM Yoga – it literally looks like a Hobbit House set that’s been set into it’s surrounding environment!

I signed up to the Canopy & Stars newsletter quite a while ago and I love looking through their quirky holiday homes.  There are cute little shepherd’s huts, wagons, cabins, train carriages…  all of their homes also look like they would be perfect to just get away from it all, relax and practice some yoga on your own if group yoga isn’t your thing.

Canopy & Stars

Maybe for our anniversary next year?…!

**(I was given a free copy of OM Yoga magazine in return for this post.  I received no compensation from Canopy & Stars, I just love their beautiful places!)

Do you ever stay anywhere a little ‘quirky’?  We do manage to get away for a couple of weekends each year.  Usually for free on our Tesco points (Best reward scheme out there in my opinion.)
Do you prefer to practise yoga on your own or as part of a group?  I’ve only been to one group session before, but it helped me to slow down my moves and focus on what I was doing rather than think about everything I ‘should’ be getting on with in the house!

Less stress, more savasana

I have always lead a busy, hectic lifestyle.  But ask any of my friends and they will tell you that I would be there for them any time they needed me.  As Amanda, one of my bridesmaids said during her speech at my wedding “She will make the time for you.  No matter how many other schemes and things she’s got going on, she will always make the time for her friends and family.” and I thought that was such a lovely thing to say.  It’s a running joke between my friends just how busy I am, how many different activities I take part in and how many events I manage to attend but it does come at a cost.  I mentioned in my post on Wednesday about just how busy this year had become already and how I had sacrificed my place at the Great North Run in order to feel more on top of things.

September OM Yoga magazine

This month in OM Yoga magazine there was an article entitled ‘Less Stress, More Savasana’ which caught my attention.  Written by Paula Hines, she tells of the day when she burst into tears after returning from a run with a friend for no apparent reason.  She realised her tears had come from not giving enough time to herself and finding it harder to wind down without feeling guilty.  This is something I can definitely relate to.  I find my days tend to be non-stop 100mph busy quests and when I get the opportunity to slow down or recharge the guilt sets in and I find myself doing housework or volunteering for other things.

OM Yoga September issue

Paula decided to lay down for 20 minutes and discovered that she felt a lot better for doing so.  She is embarking on a full year, 365 days of savasana (a yoga pose whereby you lie on your back, relaxed and free from tension) challenge with some of the benefits of savanasa being; a lower blood pressure, stress relief, calming a busy mind and improved sleep quality.  You are invited to join her on her challenge (details on her website).

Although I shall not be taking 20 minutes savasana each day I have begun making more time for myself this month, and have been religiously working through Dannii’s plank challenge, making time to stretch daily (I WILL touch my toes by Christmas!) and plan on incorporating a few minutes savasana every other day.  I am prone to letting stress get on top of me and bottling everything up so this seems like a great way to unwind each day before bed, allowing me to sleep a little easier.

**(I was given a free copy of the magazine in return for this post.)

How do you like to unwind from the stresses of day-to-day life?