In January of 2016 I discovered that I was pregnant!  You can read my announcement post here.

Baby scan at 13w 3d

Baby Pearson is due on Tuesday 4th October 2016 and we decided not to find out the gender, so it will be a complete surprise on the day!

Weekly recaps:

The first trimester19 weeks pregnant18 weeks pregnant
20 weeks pregnant
21 and 22 weeks pregnant
25 weeks pregnant
27 weeks pregnant
28 weeks pregnant
29 and 30 weeks pregnant
31 weeks pregnant
32 weeks pregnant
33 weeks pregnant
34 weeks pregnant
35 weeks pregnant
36 weeks pregnant
37 weeks pregnant
38 weeks pregnant
39 weeks pregnant

37 weeks pregnant


Baby gender: Old wives’ tales
14 things you should know about running whilst pregnant

27 weeks pregnantFrom Teacher to Mum (parenting blog):

Hello World! (An Intro)
Welcome Oscar Daniel!
A return to work
A uniform so small

Oscar as a newborn

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