Back in 2012/2013 I discovered blogs such as Run Eat Repeat and Meals and Miles.  I knew early on that I wanted to start my own blog to track my progress as I trained for races and started to lose weight and I began subscribing to more and more healthy living blogs for inspiration.

Losing weight was my initial focus and reason for beginning to run.  Working as a newly qualified teacher I had put on a lot of weight since my uni days and all of a sudden found myself weighing in at over 170lbs.

Larger Me at Hollie's baby showerI absolutely hate that photo.  My face looks puffy, my arms are huge and I can really notice just how much weight I had put on during that first year of training.  This was probably me at my heaviest weight.  Here’s a slightly (well, more than slightly) smaller me, wearing the same top two years earlier…

Smaller Me in London

I put a lot of weight on in my first year as a teacher.  Somewhere in the region of three stone!

Joining a running club did two things – it got me out of the house and active and it also made me think about what I was using to fuel my body.  I started training for my first marathon and the weight began to fall off me.

Milton Keynes marathon 2012And then I realised that what nobody tells you when you first take up running is just how incredibly addictive it is.  I entered race after race and my weight stabilised.Mablethorpe marathonI started enjoying food more and wanted to eat healthily to help with my running.  Reading other running blogs helped inspired me to try new dishes and experiment more in the kitchen.

Chicken in tomato sauce with peas, asparagus and new potatoesI was using my blog to keep track of what I ate and how it affected my running adventures.  I didn’t really care about my weight anymore – just staying healthy so that I was able to run and improve on my times.

I had made friends with similar mindsets in the online world and even met up with a few of them through events.

Why Moo?…  My maiden name started with these three letters, and often passwords or usernames seemed to include the first three letters of my surname so I would become Mary Moo.  Fitting, especially as I got bigger!!!

9 thoughts on “Moo

  1. Hi Mary
    I just wanted to say a ‘thank you’ for blogging – I think I’m at the same place you were a few years back; having decided towards the end of last year to get fit, and from this year to start blogging (inspired by the wonderful people who have been in the same mindset). Blogrolling you :)

    (waiting for my domain DNS to update for
    Zoe (NovaStar @ recently posted…Solving the Obesity IssueMy Profile

    1. Hey, nice to hear from you. Good luck on your fitness journey, the blogging world is a very friendly place and you’ll get lots of support from everyone online. Looking forward to seeing how you get on! :)

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  3. Hi Mary, I arrived at your webpage after an extensive search of the internet looking for what appears to be your dad’s doggy doorbell. My dog has been using his every day for about 4 years and it has finally given up the ghost. We were both gutted when I couldn’t find them anywhere. Was finally directed to you because of an image of it on google. I don’t want any of the others on the market as I was so impressed with your dad’s (a much better design altogether).
    Can he tell me where I can get another one? I would be so happy.


    1. I read this comment out to my Dad and he beamed! He says if you drop him an email at he will be in touch with how to order one. Glad your dog has been getting on with his doorbell OK. Dad has had quite a few people get in touch recently actually. Someone even trained their pot bellied pig to use the platform!

      1. Hi Mary,
        thank you so much for your reply. I was actually really surprised as the previous comment had been almost a year ago and I did wonder if you still viewed them. My apologies to your followers for hijacking the blog with a completely different subject but I was really committed to finding this doorbell !!! Just going to email your dad now.
        Well done on choosing a healthier lifestyle. I recently changed to vegetarian. My son decided to do this before going to uni and as it was something I had been toying with for many years I decided it was time to go for it. I have lost a stone in weight since Christmas and feel so much better for it.

        Thanks again

        1. No worries Sharron. My Dad said that you had contacted him and that your new doorbell should be in the post now!
          I live a mainly vegetarian lifestyle – mainly because I don’t really like the taste of meat though. I would be entirely vegetarian if my husband wasn’t so fussy! Glad that going veggie was something which has worked for you. :) It definitely has lots of benefits.

  4. Hi Mary,
    I received the doorbell yesterday and it is screwed in place. Result – one happy dog and one happy owner.
    I was so pleased I immediately asked your dad to supply me a second one. (I’m not taking any chances trying to track him down a second time !!!!!) As they wear so well I probably won’t even need it :)
    Thanks again for the part you played in helping me obtain them.

    PS I like the recipes you post on pinterest so will be following them in future (two successes for the price of one !!)

    1. Fab! Glad I could help. :) Dad did mention you had asked for a second bell!
      Also glad that I could help re: Pinterest. I’m in the process of making one a week of the recipes I pin right now, although I’ve been told I’m too addicted to pinning…I’ll never catch up at this rate!

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