Feeling the burn!


IMG_6546So last night I began the 30 Day Shred after hearing nothing but good things about it!  My starting measurements are as follows…

Chest: 97cms

Waist: 85cms

Hips: 102cms

Biceps: 28cms

I have taken pictures, but will save them until 30 days time…hoping to see a more defined difference!  Leaving work tonight I could feel the burn in my lower abs and as I put my arms up to do the ‘windmill’ warmups on the DVD tonight I could feel the burn in my arms too!

Lunch today was a wholemeal pitta filled with cherry tomatoes, a ham and egg slice and some carrot sticks.  Rather mismatched, but tasty all the same.  I was waiting for the tomatoes to squeeze out of the side as I had been too lazy to cut them first but luckily this didn’t happen (even though my workmates sidled away from me when I announced that I was putting them in my pitta whole!


It’s hard to tell from a photo, but my fingers started to go completely numb again this evening after work.  You can slightly see a whitey/yellowish tinge in this photo here on my index finger.  I’m not sure why they keep doing this but it was the same finger again as last time.  I need to go to the doctors during the Easter holidays anyway so will bring this up then.

IMG_6547Feeling like I’ve still not really spent much time with Dan lately so I decided not to go to running club tonight, but instead do my 30 day vid when I got home from work and a quick tidy up before spending some time with my man!  He treated me to an experimental dinner tonight after my few experimental meals just lately!  He put together a beef patty, with cheddar inside and topped with a bacon rasher.  He made his own chips, not using oil and flavoured with cajon seasoning with a side of peas!  Yum!


Tuesday Tiredness

IMG_6535Breakfast this morning was the other half of my can of pears and a pot of Muller light cherry yoghurt.  The cherry one is my least favourite – it’s quite sweet.

I started the 30 Day Shred last night after dinner.  I had forgotten how quick it is to complete!  I shall post starting stats after work tonight.  The aim was to get up 20 minutes earlier each morning to complete it but I have already failed this morning as Dan pulled me back into bed at 5:35am when I attempted to get out!  It will have to be after run club this evening now.  I could feel my muscles being worked last night and I’m looking forward to seeing the difference in 30 days time!