111 things I want to do…

IMG_6350A list of things I want to achieve…I shall link them as I complete!  This was originally a list on Facebook.  I have removed all of the items that I had already completed up to this point (including; visit Africa, see elephants in the wild, see Big Ben, go on holiday with Dan, have a photograph taken infront of the Statue of Liberty, do some charity work, run a marathon…)

  1. Run my first ultra marathon
  2. Watch all the Twilight films back to back
  3. Complete the 30 Day Shred
  4. Get a sports massage
  5. Run a marathon non-stop
  6. Go to the London Marathon expo
  7. Get a manicure
  8. Climb Mount Everist
  9. Visit Stonehenge
  10. Visit the Taj Mahal
  11. Travel down the Thames by boat
  12. Visit all 50 states
  13. Go to the London Dungeons
  14. See the pyramids in Egypt
  15. See the leaning tower of Pisa
  16. See the Northern Lights
  17. See the Sydney Operahouse
  18. Go to Mount Rushmore
  19. See Great wall of china
  20. Visit the Grand Canyon
  21. Go to the Great Barrier Reef
  22. Go to Miami
  23. Visit Australia
  24. Visit Niagra Falls
  25. Go to Disneyland, Florida
  26. Go to London Zoo
  27. Visit Hyde Park
  28. Visit Kensington Gardens
  29. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower
  30. Drive along Route 66
  31. Go to a desert
  32. Go to Tunisia
  33. Go to Turkey
  34. Go to Malta
  35. Go to Giants Causeway
  36. Go to Venice
  37. Be kissed outside in a Summer flash flood
  38. Save someone’s life
  39. Send a message in a bottle
  40. Ride in a horse and trap
  41. Go on a hunt
  42. Kiss under mistletoe
  43. See someone being born
  44. Milk a cow
  45. Watch baby sea turtles walk down into the water for the first time
  46. Swim with sharks
  47. Go on a husky-ride
  48. Ride on a bull
  49. Ride in a limo
  50. Ride on an elephant
  51. Ride on a camel
  52. Have a part in a movie
  53. Have a weekend mini-break in Paris
  54. Go on a campover trek with the horses
  55. Swim with dolphins
  56. Go paintballing
  57. Ride on the back of a motorbike
  58. Go through a carwash
  59. Go out on jetskis
  60. Have a go at cowboy ranching
  61. Fly over a volcano
  62. Shower under a waterfall
  63. Experience weightlessness
  64. Sleep under the stars with the person I love
  65. Go golfing
  66. Go Zorbing
  67. Have a professional family photo taken
  68. Have a mud bath
  69. Swim with sea turtles
  70. Give blood
  71. Swim in the sea
  72. Fly in a hot air balloon
  73. Go to a foam party
  74. Go whale spotting
  75. See Coldplay live
  76. See a tazmanian devil
  77. See Jimmy Eat World live
  78. See Head Automatica live
  79. Go to a Muse gig
  80. See a tornado
  81. See the Hollywood sign
  82. See a ballet
  83. Learn how to whistle with my fingers
  84. Learn how to cartwheel
  85. Learn how to play guitar
  86. Take a photography course
  87. Learn how to change a tyre
  88. Go sailing
  89. Go snowboarding
  90. Go surfing
  91. Go scuba diving
  92. Learn Yoga
  93. Try frogs legs
  94. Ride in a gondola
  95. Learn to fence
  96. Eat oysters
  97. Run the London marathon
  98. Run the New York marathon
  99. Get signatures from every disney character
  100. Watch all the James Bond movies
  101. Finish watching all the StarWars films
  102. Get down to 9 stone
  103. Watch the IMDB top 250 films
  104. Read the Harry Potter books
  105. Read the LOTR books
  106. Pay off my student loan
  107. Write a book
  108. Start my own business
  109. Make my parents proud
  110. Be happy in my job
  111. Break a sub 2 half marathon

What comes top of your to-do-list?  Are there any crazy items on the list?!

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