Peripheral Vascular Disease

Apparently I have this!


I went to the doctors this afternoon and sat in the waiting room for two hours!  I was not very happy or filled with conversation by this point.  The doctors have changed my appointment numerous times over the past few weeks and I have actually been trying to get an appointment now for six weeks to see the doctor!  I ended up leaving work early so that I could get to my appointment for 4:30 and finally be seen, but I didn’t leave until 6:40pm!I could have left work on time!

I told the doctor about the recent numbness in my left hand and about three of my fingers turning completely purpley/blue a couple of weeks ago.  He took my blood pressure and checked my heart, made me do a few things with my hands and felt my feet.  (Should have worn non-holey socks!  Whoops!)  He thinks that I have something called Peripheral Vascular Disease which would basically mean unless it gets severe (in which case there are tablets I can take to help) I need to ensure I wear gloves a lot of the time!  I have to go back on Thursday morning for a blood test though.  The doctor has marked me down for abobut 8 different tests, basically to check to see if my cholesterol is too high as this can put added pressure on my veins. I don’t think it should be.  I feel I eat reasonably healthy and exercise six or more times a week, often running more than 35 miles in a week.  I did ask if it would affect my running/upcoming long races but he seemed to think not.  Rather that I should just wear gloves (Although I know this will make my hands way too hot so will actually be impossible to do).

Anyway, I was rather annoyed about the long wait.  By the time I got home it was nearly 7pm and I had planned on being home no later than 5, much earlier than I would normally return home from work, and having time to catch up with some housework.

So what did I do for tea?…In my sulk and growing hunger…The unhealthy option of two sausages in a baguette with ketchup!


Lunch had been reasonably healthy though…I had an apple at breaktime…


And a salad of lettuce, half an orange pepper, one carrot, some grapes, a tomato and a block of cheddar cheese with some houmous.  (Although I ate rather too much houmous and felt rather full by the end of school!)


And at lunchtime, sat in the upstairs staffroom, this cake went round…this gooey, chocolately fudge cake which I couldn’t resist.  It was very nice but now that I’ve tried it I felt no need to have any more on another day this week (that’s if other people were able to resist it!)


2 thoughts on “Peripheral Vascular Disease

    1. Ditto! Especially when it takes that long to get in! Like you say at least I’ve got a better idea of what is wrong now and that my marathon/Ultra running over the next few weeks should be fine. :)

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