Wedding healthy review

Back at the start of June, just after I first got engaged, I wrote a wedding healthy checklist.

Almost two months later I think it’s about time for a quick update to check in and see how I’ve been getting on…

1) Ensure that I eat three, healthy, balanced meals each day.
This was my dinner tonight and the beautiful meal I’ve been waiting for for the past few days…roasted potato, pepper, mushroom, sugar snap peas and mini corns.  Topped with crumbled goats cheese and a few tablespoons of marinara sauce.  Bread roll with butter on the side.


Beautiful!  My meals have been healthy, and three per day, but I have been advised by Phoebe and Nick to eat more carbs and to have carby snacks between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner.  I’ve found it hard to fit in the extra snacks the past couple of weeks.

2) Not chew my nails.
I pretty much went cold turkey at chewing my nails.  I’ve even been able to do my own french tips this week.  (Think I might have to practice this a few times before the big day as most five year olds can probably paint their nails better than me!  But I’ve never had nails to practice with before now!  I’m even going to have to file these down tonight as they’re making it pretty impossible to get my contacts in and out at the moment!


3) Not chew my hair.
I had my hair cut the morning of our engagement party a fortnight ago and have almost been cold turkey since.  I tend to chew my hair when I’m working hard and trying to get things done quickly, so I guess it kind of helps that school has finished for the Summer now.

4) Get enough sleep each night.
I seem to be really, really, REALLY rubbish at this.  I try to go to bed at about 10ish but that doesn’t always happen.  However, what does always happen is I wake up at 5am each morning!  Even if I haven’t fallen asleep until gone midnight.  How does everyone lay in on non-working mornings?  I need to trick my body to lay in until at least 6:30…I’ve still got nearly six weeks before I head back to work and actually need to get up at that time again!

5) Not take on too much.
I don’t think I’ve taken on a huge amount extra over the past few weeks…with it being the Summer holidays now I’m planning on getting myself a little more organised and this will help with me fitting everything in.

Tonight I headed out for 4x5min hill reps with 2min recovery jogs at 8pm with Dan.  There were a bunch of chavvy teenagers sat on the bench halfway down the hill who literally just stopped and stared at us running up and down for 30mins.  I caught a few comments such as “There is no way I would ever be fit enough to do that” and “I might be able to run down the hill but never back up again!”  It got a little uncomfortable with them staring after a while though!

Tomorrow morning I’m marshalling at the Welly 5, our club’s race so am hoping for good weather and lots of runners.  I really enjoy being that side of the race as well as running in a race…and it’s (usually) much less stressful on the day.