HOW many?!

Yesterday morning our estate agent popped round to take some photos of our house between rain showers.  So hopefully, all being well, we should finally see our house with a For Sale board up by the end of the week.  Our estate agent is actually a keen runner and spotted me when I marshaled at parkrun a few weeks back.  Cue lots of race tactics talk between photos and chat about the Great North Run, which we both have a place in this year.

Dan and I had got the bulk of the tidying done over the weekend, so I just had the finishing touches (mainly hiding stuff!) to sort out yesterday morning.  Bella was not helpful in the slightest during this process as it involved emptying and filling lots of bags.  She loves a good bag!

Bella in a bag

After the estate agent visit, I caught up on some school work and emails before grabbing some soup and making plans to meet up with an old uni friend for dinner.  His Mum now lives not far from mine in Norfolk and last time we met at The Swan Inn in Horning.  Recently we realised that this was two years ago and knew we had to meet up again for a catchup before my wedding day!  Initially I planned on staying at my Mum’s for a couple of days and tying meeting Rich in with a family visit, but with the amount of work I have on at the minute, it ended up being more practical just driving over for the evening – despite it turning out to be a two hour trip due to roadworks!  Rich treated me to dinner though, so the evening ended up costing less than I thought.

As we hadn’t seen each other in so long we had a lot of catching up to do, so picked at some bread and oil on the table before ordering our meals probably an hour after sitting down!

I decided to go for the Ricotta, spinach and tomato tart, served with Mediterranean vegetables and baby potatoes.Ricotta, spinach and tomato tart - The Swan Inn

It looked rather plain on the dish, with all of the colourful vegetables hidden underneath the tart.  I would have hidden the potatoes and brought the veg out on show!  It was delicious though and I ate every bite!

Over dinner my friend was telling me that he had been trying to bulk up for an upcoming holiday and had hired a personal trainer for a couple of sessions each week.  He had been gym bound 5-6 days every week for the past month.  At uni I think he joined me at the gym once – more for the social side than anything and then he followed it up with a trip to McDonalds!  He’s proud to be eating a lot cleaner now though with oats, egg and chicken being the main elements of his meals.  But he’s struggling to fit in the 5000 calories a day that his trainer wants him to eat.  5000 calories a day?!  That’s a huge amount to ask someone to eat when they’re used to eating less than half of that!  200g oats in the morning and six eggs with two tins of tuna for lunch.  I like my food but I’m sure I would be struggling with that amount as well!  He’s doing something right though clearly, as his body fat has reduced to 8% over the past month.

Have you ever seen a personal trainer before?…  I’ve never seen a personal trainer, although have been tempted in the past to get another person’s professional opinion on areas I could improve on.

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  1. I would be very careful indeed with personal trainers. I have heard some true horror stories about them, and the kind of ‘advice’ they can give out without any real basis or research to back it up. Anyone can call themselves a health coach/nutritionist/PT these days – I would check out their qualifications first! A good personal trainer can be invaluable, but a bad one? A waste of money at best, and seriously damaging at worst.

    I could easily eat 5000 calories, regardless of whether I’m running or sitting on the couch all day! I am a bottomless pit I’m afraid – it’s terrible. Sadly my metabolism doesn’t agree with my appetite and I can only eat well under half of that, even with all of the running I do. But being able to eat that much would make me so happy – I’m a glutton at heart 😛 I wouldn’t want to eat crap though! It’s just I love huge portions of everything and it would be lovely to eat things like nut butters with abandon rather than having to ban them or only buy one 32g portion pack at a time as a weekly ‘treat.’

    Bella in her carrier bag is beyond adorable. I could just stare at cat pictures all day!

    Jess recently posted…False IdolsMy Profile

    1. There’s no way I would be able to afford a personal trainer right now anyway, but I agree about being cautious about who was chosen for that task. I think I would find someone else’s views interesting. I’m someone that always likes to know why we do things a certain way and I think my constant questions would a) annoy the hell out of a personal trainer and b) ensure that I chose someone who knew their stuff!
      I could probably get through 5000 calories in a day (thinking about Christmas here!) although I think I would feel absolutely awful by the end of it. It’s all about portion sizes for me as well. I find that if I really enjoy something – a sandwich/salad/etc, I immediately want more of it or another one. As a rough guess I think naturally I probably even out at around 2000 calories a day, less on long run days as I struggle to eat much after running.
      Oh, I have hundreds of photos of Bella on my phone and could look at them forever. Dan laughs at me constantly for my crazy cat lady persona!

  2. I’d really like to work with a personal trainer, before I found out I was pregnant I was thinking about getting some sessions with a coach for some heavy lifting at a gym near where I work. My cousin and her husband are PT’s as well and she runs metafit classes so I’m looking forward to getting back into those after the baby is born :-) Hope you get lots of interest in your house!

    1. I do see the benefits of working with a personal trainer when it comes to lifting. I literally would not really know where to start with weights without chatting to someone about my aims and current fitness level. Then there’s the safety issue and the damage you can unknowingly cause yourself as well.

  3. Sorry for the multiple comments – I am just getting to catch up on my reading! Bella is adorable!

    I wouldn’t spend the money on a personal trainer I don’t think. A friend of mine had one, and she did really well with him, but when it came to having to trim some of her costs down, she said it was a bit like breaking up with someone. Awkward.
    Steph recently posted…Beautiful evening for a runMy Profile

    1. I do the same! :)
      Haha! Yeah I could imagine how awkward it would be to ‘let someone go’ as your personal trainer. 100x worse than trying to cancel your gym membership!

  4. I would a love a personal trainer as sometimes info wonder if I’m doing my strength moves correctly…maybe when I get back into my fitness after the baby is born. Your kitty kat looks so cute in the bag. It’s great how they end up in the most randomest of places. :-)

    1. That’s exactly the reason I would go to one if I ever did – to ensure I was completing exercises correctly and not causing damage.
      Bella is Queen of random places…she slept in the bath under the tap the other night?!

  5. I read a blog where the reader is into heavy lifting and she eats crazy amounts too (Jags fitness blog)- she has great muscles too so obviously doing something right.
    I am not sure I would see a personal trainer, I think I would find it very awkward being one on one- classes are more my thing.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Coconut browniesMy Profile

    1. Yes, I think you would have to choose your personal trainer carefully – someone you would feel entirely comfortable around. It would be awful if you felt awkward with them an hour a couple of times a week and kill all enjoyment of the process.

  6. 5,000 calories a day?? Where can I sign up for this personal trainer?!! I’d love to be able to eat that amount .. but stay pretty much as I am at the moment! I always found it a bit depressing that running a marathon only burned about 2,600. I can eat that in one meal!! :) Love the pic of Bella!! She’s so cute!! Tiggy is in disgrace after throwing up on my bed at 11pm last night. Had to mess about washing sheets at midnight … grrr!!

    1. Just checked and I burned off 3584 calories for London. I was out a fair bit longer than you though! Pretty sure I’d struggle to get through that many in one meal! 😛
      Oh no! As if you had to wash sheets in the middle of the night! Why are cats sick all the time?! Bells is as well. Whenever she starts gulping we try and run her to the door but I’m yet to get her out in time!

  7. God I think I’d get fed up of food! And eggs and tuna doesn’t sound wildly exciting does it? If it was Ben and Jerry’s and chocolate maybe that would be easier…
    I really liked having a personal trainer. I’d show up and they’d tell me what to do. It was great! We did loads of weights which I’d never do on my own and I learnt how to do the moves properly and use machines I’d always been previously scared of. But he never really advised me on eating, I guess maybe because I said I wasn’t trying to lose weight nor bulk up hugely. It was just to increase my overall strength for running.

    1. Yep, if it was Ben & Jerry’s, count me in! Haha!
      It would be a huge advantage having a personal trainer to help do moves correctly. That’s what I would be interested in most, as well as ways to improve general core strength for running. I can’t help it…running is still my true love!

    1. Bags or boxes are just too irresistible! Hehe!
      I love that although you are a personal trainer you still look to advice for others. There’s always so much to be learnt still isn’t there, whatever path you decide to follow?

    1. Incredibly exciting and incredibly nerve racking at the same time! Eek! Can’t wait until we can start moving in to our new house though and get it all set up the way we would like together.

    1. Yep! She can spend hours sat in a carrier bag! Haha!
      I didn’t realise you were training to become a personal trainer at the moment. I’d be interested on reading any posts you write about the process. I’m thinking about maybe taking qualifications to become a running coach in the future.

  8. I’m getting the estate agents round to value my flat in the next few weeks, hopefully mine will be a runner too! Nice to have something in common!
    I used to train with a PT last year, he was great- very knowledgeable and I enjoyed the workouts. I want to start it up again, but can’t find time to fit it in my training schedule at the moment (also can’t afford it)!
    Lucy recently posted…New York: ShoppingMy Profile

    1. Fingers crossed your valuing goes well. I think there are so many runners out there now there’s a good chance you’ll get a running estate agent too! Haha!
      That’s the problem – time and money. If only we had more of both. :(

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