“I’m not going in past my knees!”

Last night I had planned to run 10k with a friend, the same as I had done the week before.  When circumstances yesterday meant that we were both ready to run an hour and a half earlier than originally planned we decided to upgrade our 6 miles to 10.

My day on Friday had been rather a faff, with the battery going on my (relatively new) car and nothing going quite right since.  I met Gary with my hair still wild, no trainers on feet, my headtorch lost in the depths of my car, and without a water bottle.  Five minutes later and my hair had been tamed into some sort of ponytail, trainers tied firmly in place, headtorch found (and left on the recycling bin outside my house) and water bottle filled with a nuun tablet sizzling away inside.

We got as far as the bottom of my road before Gary realised I still wasn’t wearing my headtorch so we ran back up the hill to my house to collect it.  All of those factors coupled with the fact that I had only eaten lunch less than an hour earlier (due to leaving it in the car whilst the car was at the garage) meant that I feared I was in for a rubbish run!

I had been looking forward to my lunch all morning – a red pesto, tomato and mozzarella salad with a carrot in the side so wolfed it down when I regained access to my car!

Pesto, mozzarella and tomato saladLuckily, the run itself went really well.

I led on a road/trail run that I had learnt over Christmas.  Starting out with two miles of road, we then followed a rutted bridleway, before rejoining another mile of road and crossing the river at Thrapston to join the track leading to Stanwick Lakes.

I say ‘crossing the river’ but really ‘wading through the river’ was more appropriate.  The rain we’ve had over the past few days had caused the river to swell over it’s bank and everywhere was very boggy.  In the photo below, only half of the water showing should actually be river!River at ThrapstonWe hit the river section just as the last of the sun was going down and it looked very pretty out there.  Much more so than I could capture with a semi-rubbish phone camera.

We waded through water halfway up our shins to reach the field behind the river.  Things weren’t so boggy here and we could run again…until we reached the gate.  Here the water quickly deepened.  I was adamant that I was not wading through water past my knees!  But it ended up very close.  The water level was probably only a few centimetres away from my kneecaps in the end!  Then we pulled ourselves up out onto the bank the other side of the gate and away onto the gravel track that runs from Wellingborough to Thrapston.  Another couple of miles along here before a jog around the edge of some fields and returning home again.  Long run all done and dusted for another week!

I got tea on not long after arriving home.  Half a jacket potato each with two rashers of bacon (could have lived without these) and some mixed leaves (for me only).

Cheese and beans on a baked potatoPlease help us settle our jacket potato debate.  I have always eaten my jackets topped in butter, then cheese with beans on the top.  Dan is a butter, beans then cheese kinda guy.  Which is the correct way to eat a jacket potato?!

I was glad to get a longer run in last night as with marshaling at the Country to Capital race today and running the Irchester Multi-terrain 10k tomorrow I was doubtful of getting a long run in this weekend and this status…Grim reaper 70 miles…leads me to believe that I should start upping my mileage ready for this year’s challenge!

Beans then cheese or cheese then beans?
What is your wading through water limit on a run?!

9 thoughts on ““I’m not going in past my knees!”

  1. I must admit that I would draw the line at waist-deep water, but my issue would be less with the depth of the water and more to do with not knowing what’s underneath, or if the ground under my feet was uneven or contained a giant pit that I couldn’t see 😛 I did the Paras 10 Run back in September 2011 and we had to wade through water that came up to my chest, but other than that I prefer to stay on dry land.

    I actually have a thing about combining foods, so before I was vegan I would never have cheese and beans on a potato: it had to be one or the other!

    I hope your race went well!
    Jess recently posted…Posts That Piqued My Interest #3My Profile

    1. We definitely moved slowly through the water. No rushing at all! I find that often, it’s easier to run through ankle deep water than the muddy patches around puddles as I’m more likely to slip on those.
      I’m not sure how comfortable I’d be wading through water up to my chest during a race! We did it as part of the obstacle race Dan and I ran in September, but I never really saw that as a race or run as such.
      How interesting that you won’t combine foods…I’m the complete opposite. We had cake with jam and custard with my parents for tea last night and I couldn’t begin it until I had cut up all of the cake and stirred it with the jam into the custard. I also stir baked beans into mashed potato before eating and a whole lot of other rituals that frequently get me odd looks!

    1. I must admit, I do enjoy letting the butter soak into the potato before adding the toppings. I don’t often have butter, as we don’t eat a lot of bread, so when I have it, I really have it!

    1. Exactly! I like the stringy cheese – the beans and potato kind of trap it to melt fully. If you sprinkle it on top of the beans then you might as well eat it straight from the grater! 😛

  2. What – cheese BEFORE the beans? What madness is this!? That being said I’m not a cheese and beans jacket potato kind of girl as this was a routine meal at home (my mum can’t really cook much). But always cheese on after otherwise you lose it to the beans too much. I also cannot stand microwaved jacket potatoes – oven baked and crispy all the way (maybe rolled in butter and salt as well…ahhh heaven).
    Nice work on the run! I remember going for a run when I was on a customer site with the running guys there and we ended up in pretty much a river (or a flooded road) during our lunch time run. It was mental!
    Anna @AnnaTheApple recently posted…Am I mad??My Profile

    1. Yes cheese before beans! All the way! I like my cheese to be melty and soft and the warm beans on top helps to achieve that! You mentioned before about your Mum not really being much of a cook when you were younger. Does she cook much now?

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