Working hard and determined to succeed

I don’t want to jinx things but I feel like my running is very strong at the moment.  I moved myself from Group 5 up to the higher Group 4 just before Christmas after a few friends assured me I would cope with the pace and that running with others quicker than myself would be good to improve my own speed.

I am very much in the middle to the back of the pack of runners each session in the higher group but determined to do well and keep up with the others as best I can.  I’ve not fallen greatly behind in the group yet which encourages me to keep at it.

Tuesday night and the session showed 1mile jog followed by (200m at 8 minute miles, return 200m at recovery pace) x12 and a mile jog back to base.

Now, usually when I run at recovery pace I would take it at about 11 minute miling.  Really steady so that I know I would be fully recovered by the end of my ‘recovery’ section.  Apparently this session was to be run at active recovery…approximate 9:10mm.  I don’t consider that recovery!

I wasn’t sure I was going to make it to the end after the first three or four reps.  I was falling a little behind the other runners but I stuck at it, counting down the reps silently in my head.  “Woop!  Halfway done!” I exclaimed to the runner just infront of me as I counted the sixth rep.  Turns out, she was under the impression that we were only doing ten reps, instead of the twelve we actually worked through and this broke her a little inside. Sorry!

When there were only two reps remaining, I knew that I would get through to the end despite my body telling me it was done!12 speed reps on the Garmin

I felt so happy and proud when I returned from my last rep.  Running with the big boys now!7 miles on GarminI think this is possibly the first time all splits have been under 11mm and there were so many 8:xx miles in my stats as well.  Especially as the run includes all stops for traffic, turn backs for other runners and chats explaining which path to take next.

I took Wednesday night off from running as this was the day we had had the Ofsted scare at school – potentially meaning I would have to spend hours writing out detailed lesson plans and ensuring everything was up to date in the department.  I took a brisk half hour walk after school instead whilst waiting for my lift home so that I had a little break from being sat at the computer and stretched my legs out after the speedwork the day before.

Thursday I was back at club again.  Thursday nights are traditionally the ‘long run’ and this week was no different.  We managed to fit in 7.3 miles on a large loop around the outskirts of town.7 and a half miles on GarminAlthough my stats don’t look that impressive, they are still a huge jump up from when I was running in Group 5.  I never have my Garmin on auto-pause, so it records every single wait at a pedestrian crossing, all chats with the coach, each jog back to collect the back runners…

I have felt much stronger over the past few weeks and I hope that my determination and grit will see me get that marathon PB at the start of May.

I spent some time last night entering a couple of races.  Milton Keynes Marathon was the marathon I have gone for and I also entered Dusk ’til Dawn 50 for the third year running as I heard places were filling up fast.  There was an announcement on Twitter last night that entries for Grim open this weekend, so I shall get that booked up as well whilst I’m in year-planning mode.

Race entries 2015

Goal races entered…now all I’ve got to do is run them!

Have you decided on your goal races for this year yet?

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  1. Your inbox and mine look almost identical at the moment 😉 I entered most of the races I’d like to do in 2015 all at once. I don’t know about specific goal races, as everything is such a lottery for me at the moment. I do know that I definitely want to return to the Hamsterly Forest Trail Marathon and complete it though, having been forced to drop down to the 11 miles last year through injury. I really must get on to Country to Capital’s Facebook page though and have a look at the navigation requirements: I really want that to be a huge goal for me to work towards throughout the year, and everything else would be a bonus.

    You’ve made such huge improvements in such a short amount of time! I can only imagine how speedy you’ll be by the time the MK Marathon rolls around. I think you’re going to smash that 5 hour goal, not just break it 😀
    Jess recently posted…Fitness DVDs Saved My LifeMy Profile

    1. Yep, get it all done and in the diary was my motto!
      Fab news that you are looking to run C2C next year. I shall be there one way or the other – either running (hopefully!) or marshaling if not.

  2. Excellent work, sounds like you were completely right to move up to that higher group! It also sounds like that marathon PB could well be calling you. I’m hoping to break mine as well, but we shall see.

    You’re a braver lady than I am with regards to Grim. All that mud puts me off – Gladiator had enough mud for me!
    Helen recently posted…Dulwich parkrunMy Profile

  3. Hi Mary

    Well done – it’s hard work isn’t it. I was running with my club last wednesday – trying desperately to keep up with a guy who ran the Hadrians wall (70 miles) in 12 hours. Yikes. It was hard work.

    Like you, I never autopause my GPS. Lots of other people do. To my mind – if you’re going to autopause then you should be running on the spot – because otherwise you’re getting a rest 😉

  4. Wow, excellent work on those splits- I too am always excited by anything with an 8 at the front!
    I have a few races sorted (half, 20 milers, marathon, 10k), but after April I don’t have much. Well, a half and a 10k, and I am looking at a 10k at Whipsenade too, so I suppose I do have a few more than I thought.
    Argh to ofsted too- we had them in the Autumn term, and I had just taken on an SLT role so it was super stressful! I was at school until nearly 10pm for those 3 days, getting in at about 6am as I could not sleep either- sooo stressful and I am sure that is what meant my cough lasted for so long (I got it that following weekend).
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Sorting out my sports clothesMy Profile

    1. Thanks Maria. That 8:xx pops up and a grin spreads across my face!
      Love that you started off by saying you had a few races sorted, and then listed eight possibles straight off! It’s addictive once you start booking things in the calendar.
      Ofsted probably did prolong your cough – I always feel drained and run down when I spend extra time at school. I’m trying to get everything finished at school and be heading home by 5pm since starting my new job and that has helped with the stress and amount of sleep I’ve been getting.

    1. Good luck for your races Lauren. I know what you mean about not wanting to think too far ahead. Stay positive though – I’m sure you’re in for a better year this year.

  5. So pleased you’re going from strength to strength with your running at the moment – you’re on fire! Fingers crossed it continues :-)
    After deferring London I can now do the Southampton Half, which is on the same day. It’s the first time it’s ever run and loads of my running club friends are doing it and it’s literally on my doorstep (which never usually happens with half marathons for me). So I’m quite looking forward to that as I love the half marathon distance and I’m not stressed about the training.
    I’d love to do a marathon in the summer or possibly (though doubtfully) late spring? Otherwise definitely autumn but at the moment I’m quite chilled and not stressing about running which is a complete first!
    Anna @AnnaTheApple recently posted…Barely Functioning and MuleBar ReviewMy Profile

    1. So glad to hear you’re not stressed about training for the half. Hopefully with loads of friends there it will make things a little more fun as well. I’m not sure what marathons there are during the Summer, but I’m sure there will be some smaller events taking place. Much less pressure at those ones too. I think you’ve done the right thing by deferring London. Get your love back for running first so that you can truly enjoy the experience. :)

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